Medical cases in mediation

Medical mediation involves mainly disputes between nursing institutions, doctors, nursing staff, patients and their loved ones. It can also involve differences between colleagues from a health institution or healthcare professionals. Medical mediation is a very powerful process that can lead to multiple benefits. Some examples of hypotheses that can be solved with medical mediation process are: a physician's error in the diagnosis or illness, errors during operations, mistreatment,  a conflict between health professionals in different medical departments or between colleagues in the same department, disagreement between health professionals and parents and it is starting to escalate, misinformation or lack of information to the patient’s relatives or the patient himself) about the risks or possible complications of treatment, etc.
Medical mediation can effectively help the parties solve their intense and particularly difficult and emotionally charged conflicts. It can help the parties understand the real source of the dispute without harming the interests of the dignity and personality of the parties involved. The case doesn’t attract any publicity and it helps the medical institution or the doctor to save face. Moreover, emotional redemption may arise and that can heal both the patient and his family: things that would never happen in the emotionally unbearable and painful path of a time-wasting litigation.
During a medical mediation heavy hearts can be found. There are lots of intense, negative emotions. The patients (or/and their families) that are in the mediation eventually may feel comfortable because of the presence of a third party (the mediator) who facilitate the process and with his empathic listening can understand their feelings and emotions. Moreover, the mediator helps the parties to have the time to truly express themselves in the safe environment of the process and to be heard freely and without being interrupted. The privacy and the confidentiality benefits the medical institutions as well because through this process they can save face.
The process of medical mediation is really a change of mindset as it helps the parties to see the core of their dispute, the real essence of their difference. Medical mediation approaches and explore sensitive issues in an extremely discreet and soothing way, with absolute confidentiality and security. The flexibility of the process and the skills of the mediator make it a truly unique tool for resolving disputes of  medical nature.

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