Family & Mediation

It is an alternative way of dispute resolution regarding family law. In family mediation both parties (parents) can co-operate and form an acceptable agreement that will serve their interests and the interests of their children (if any).
Αφορά ζευγάρια που έχουν νόμιμα συνδεθεί κατά το ελληνικό δίκαιο μεταξύ τους (είτε δηλαδή με γάμο πολιτικό ή θρησκευτικό είτε και με συμφωνητικό συμβίωσης), με παιδιά ή όχι, που έχουν σοβαρές δυσκολίες. Τέτοιες μπορεί να είναι: η διάσταση ή η επιθυμία για χωρισμό (διακοπή σχέσης). Δεν έχει σημασία αν το ζευγάρι μένει μαζί ή όχι.      
Family mediation is about couples legally associated with each other who have children or not and who experience serious problems and difficulties. It does not matter if the couple is living together or not.
Although a divorce requires a court order, mediation can settle many important issues without being deprived of legal enforcement. For example, the couple decides on the separation of their assets, the alimony (and its amount), etc.
The mediation takes place in a neutral space decided by the parties and with the mediator's help. The mediator will divide the time equally between the parties and listen to what they want to say without any biases. He will coordinate the mediation and assist the parties in every step of the process as a neutral third party.
From where can we start? From the time saved? From the money spared by avoiding a devastating lawsuit? From the protection of the children? The parties involved can understand how they benefit from the process of mediation: they see things from another point of view. They realize that a long lawsuit only helps polarization and devastates every party involved by wasting them physically, mentally and financially. With the use of family mediation everybody can achieve what they want to.
Through family mediation the sensitive psychological world of the children is preserved. Typically, through the polarization and the fight of the parents the children confront devastating dilemmas that hurt their feelings so bad. But, with the use of family mediation, the children are protected, the environment is safer for everyone and the decisions that are going to be made preserve them (the children) and not the egos of the father or the mother. To be more specific: the obsessive and egoistic needs of the parents just subside in order to help save the children’s existence. And this is definitely not the case in any family-related lawsuit…

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