Deal facilitation

Deal facilitation is the activity that helps two or more parties to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.
The deal facilitator is a third person with appropriate skills, independent and neutral who tries to find the specific interests of each of the parties involved, to discover the fields of possible conciliation and to take action in helping them create a solid basis for an agreement.
As a neutral and independent third person, he can see things objectively without being emotionally influenced or biased. With his skills he can put the parties in the logic and loop of a creative dialogue, work together more effectively and with a view to jointly developing ideas that will strengthen their interests. The deal facilitator illuminates the aspects and points that are the key to reaching an agreement, turning attention and urging the parties to look to the future, leaving behind them any possible obsessive attitude which have nothing to offer to any of the parties at the moment of the deal.
The deal facilitator is the key to helping the deal become a reality. He must be independent, impartial and neutral. So the parties are free to choose him having in mind all the previous qualities that any facilitator should have. In other words, the parties must be in accord with the deal facilitator - all those involved in the effort to reach an agreement. In this way, it is ensured that there will be honest, sincere dialogue without undermining the confidence of any party as to the person chosen to assist the efforts of reaching a possible agreement.
Mediation (at least in the Greek legal system) is a structured process that has been legally imprinted both with Law 3898/2010 and with 4512/2018. Within a mediation there are specific stages and some rules regarding the process. On the other hand, there is no specific legal framework for deal facilitations. The deal facilitator co-ordinates and assists the parties in whatever way he thinks best, in line with his professional experience.

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